I guess what Map and a Flashlight is really all about is a search for clarity. Sometimes, we get stuck at a point in our lives where we don’t know where to go, which direction to take, what’s real and what is an illusion.

What previously seemed like such a clear path, is now overgrown and seemingly impassable.  Because we can’t see the trail, the decisions we make don’t lead us forward. We’re stuck.  And when we’re stuck, we get scared – scared to make any decision at all for fear that it will, once again, be the wrong one.  So we stop. We plop our ass right down on the forest floor, not sure which way to turn.

But the last several months have taught me that’s okay. It’s even normal. Just because the calendar says we’re an adult, it doesn’t mean we always feel like one or we automatically know what to do. When you don’t have a map or a flashlight, sometimes you just have to swallow your fear and choose a direction.

You’ll no doubt get cut up and scraped from the foliage and trip over a root or 10, but you keep moving through, even when the forward path isn’t clear.  Perhaps, in addition to a map and a flashlight, I should request a machete?


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