packers-3725“The game of life is not so much in holding a good hand as playing a poor hand well.”
– H.T. Leslie

 As I settle in to watch my beloved Green Bay Packers play their NFC Wildcard game, I think of how nice it would be if life dealt us a wildcard once in a while – a Mulligan we could take when we played a hole (situation) particularly badly.  I can think of a few glaring instances where that would have come in very handy. Now comes to mind!

Sadly, we get no wildcards and very few second chances. We make choices, and sometimes it works out, sometimes not.  When we find ourselves wishing for a wildcard, we’re not usually in the place we’d hoped. We’re looking at the hand we’ve been dealt and wondering how to play it when folding isn’t an option.

Unlike Green Bay, we’ve been given no game films to watch. Hell, we’re lucky we even know who our opponent is. But like Green Bay, we do have a playbook – a list of things that have worked in the past and things that truly need to be tossed in the shitter, never to be spoken of again.

We might not have a wildcard, but we can come up with a game plan. We suit up, take what’s previously gotten us into the end zone, break through the defensive-line, hang on to the damn ball, run like hell, and cross the goal line. Oh, yeah, then we get the beer!


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